Why Men Never Do What Women Say

Why Men Never Do What Women Say

After all there is a plausible explanation … One, no. We found at least five! Find out what they are and see the strategies you can use to reverse this very common situation that often affects the daily lives of many couples.

Why do not they listen

No matter how hard we try, female speech is never straightforward (like theirs), and when we come to the request itself, they are already thinking about something else. Next time you want him to do something, look him straight in the eye.

Because they forget

The truth is that men are forgotten by nature. Send a reminder by SMS, leave a reminder in a visible place or use both strategies.

Because they do not understand

If you really want him to give you a hand, delegate tasks that he knows at the outset how to do and leave those that require many explanations for later. In this way you will have more chances not only to do what you asked for but also in the way you intended.

Why do not they agree?

Make sure he accepts what he is telling you, otherwise, as men are not very argumentative, he may say, “Yes, dear,” but do not do as he asks.

Because yes!

In his eyes is enough reason not to have done something he asked. Maybe he did not listen, forgot or disagreed with you and did not want to admit it. The drawback of this motive is that it overturns any valid form of counter-argument. Therefore, take the precautions listed above and avoid this situation.

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